When Uber Eats partnered with World of Warcraft - aiming to become the go-to food delivery platform for gamers - they were told they couldn’t change or add anything within the game.

So Brave came up with Orderyn. The world’s first in-game food courier, with an Uber Eats-inspired uniform made up of items already in the game, and then asked WoW’s biggest streamers to take turns playing shifts, delivering food to gamers while broadcasting live on Twitch.

I helped create a shed load of social assets, across four languages, to promote the campaign and some OOH to support the partnership. The work involved replicating the world of warcraft graphics and integrating them within Uber Eats Branding. 
Agency: Brave | Creative Direction: Paul Pearson | Art direction: Dan Griffiths | Copy writing: Ben Williams | Design Lead: Lee Robins | Motion graphics: Pat McCaulsky | My Role : Design
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