‘Unity in Diversity’ is a campaign slogan for a collection of animations that celebrate diversity in football. The campaign would be partnered with Adidas, a company that celebrates diversity as one of their core values.
The animations feature different Arsenal players and celebrate their cultural heritage, this will be extended through physical and digital touch-points for fans to engage with the campaign. The project is targeted towards ethnically diverse football fans. The idea is for fans to feel a sense of inclusion and appreciation for diversity within British football culture, as well as breaking down cultural barriers within a diverse fan base.

Animation featuring Brazilian player Gabriel Martinelli. The animation starts in Rio, viewing the stars from the Brazilian flag above Christ the Redeemer, the scene transitions following a Brazilian macaw, taking us from night to day and from Rio to Sao Paulo the birthplace of Martinelli. It is here Martinelli is revealed in a Carnival scene before the 'Martinelli' chant sung by Arsenal fans plays.

Animation featuring Gabonese player Aubameyang. Within the animation are cultural signifiers, including the colours of the Gabonese flag, traditional Gabonese Fang masks, West African Adinkra symbols for both leadership and unity, as well as a transition to Aubameyang's black panther mask celebration and signature flip.

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